When everything is working great, you can do great things.

An efficient machine needs all of it's parts to be

If you're a freelancer or an entrepreneur with just your 1 computer or you have an office full of systems, You need to keep those systems running smoothly.

If you give maintenance to your computers, you will keep them running safely for years to come.

Broken Screen, Heats up, Not Charging, Need a New Battery?

Computers, like cars, need maintenance to run better.

We recommend giving them a check-up every 6 months.

If you don't have the tools to open them up, give us a call. And we can send someone your way and take care of you.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal.

Viruses are nasty programs that run on your computer to steal information, delete files, create more viruses and just give you a bad time.

Spyware and malware are just as annoying but lack destructive behavior. most of the time they are just popping up windows and making your computer slower.

If you don't own an antivirus, we can install one for you and make sure you are protected against future threats.

Speed Up Your Productivity.

Over time, computers have a tendency to keep a lot of junk they encounter on the web.

Cookies, temporary files, apps running in the background and fragmentation can slow down your computer's performance.

Time is money and if you have a slow computer then you're losing a lot of time/money.

If you want us to, we'll gladly drive to your site and check your computer(s) out! Just let us know.

Are you protected against Ransomware?

Well, what's ransomware?

Hackers use the malware to encrypt your computer files and demand money in exchange for freeing those contents. The attacks are on the rise.

What's the solution?

We'll help you backup all your files, images, documents and more on the cloud. It's really easy to set up and we will help you every step of the way.

For less than the cost of a trip to the movies a month, you can have everything you care about safely secured.

Once installed you don't have to worry about anything. It will automatically backup your information.


Install Our Backup Software on your computer.

Back up

Your files will be backed up automatically to the cloud.


With your files safely stored in the cloud, you can get them back anytime.


You can access your files anytime from any internet connected computer or mobile device.

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